This new section to our website will give you a sneak peek into the workshops so you can see some of our excellent models taking shape.

As new images come available, we will be adding more to this section as time goes on, so keep coming back to keep up to date.

The 1/16th Severn

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The 16th Scale Severn taking shape

LCM 3 into a Vietnam War River Minesweeper

I'm making this to 'iron out' (pun on iron clad?) all the issues I know that are coming when I do the LCM6 based ATC Ragtop which I plan to produce as a complete kit by year end.


I spotted it on the Brown Water Navy website and it looks fantastic


As you can see, the hull is much modified with side sponsons which come up to the waterline to provide additional floatation to enable them to operate in shallower waters.


The bar armour also stands well away from the hull sides (as it does on the superstructure) to add significant protection against RPG's


I pop more on the site as it develops