1/16th Scale Severn Lifeboat

New Severn

The 1/16th Severn has proved to be a popular kit since its introduction some years ago.
In line with our principle of continuous improvement it has just undergone some major changes.

At just over 1 metre long (42”), she is a good size, ideal for those who are looking to buy a Severn but feel that the 58” of the 1/12th scale model is just too much to handle.
Rest assured, making a kit smaller does not reduce the detail for which Speedline Models are so famous.
This is a totally different kit from its big sister and sets the standard for others to follow.

The following photographs show my own kit just being assembled for information purposes.
See how straightforward it all is?

New Severn img

The finished hull on its stand awaits the interior........

New Severn img

which (when finished of course) is simply placed on the hull......

New Severn img

then the wheelhouse is lowered into position over the interior....

New Severn img

then the roof is installed.

New Severn img

She looks pretty too!

A major innovation is in locating one part onto another.

The entire wheelhouse interior is included, tables, wall trunking, vents, seats, instruments, doors and lockers, bed, scanners, crew seats, engineer's desk and doctor’s seat.

To summarise, this is a top quality kit and it builds into a genuine ‘Museum standard’ model that you can be very proud of.

The model is supplied in two sturdy card boxes, to protect everything from the rigours of shipping and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

If you are overseas, please ask for shipping prices. In the UK (mainland) the carrier is £20.

PRICE: £695