The ‘Detail Set’ is the very heart of this model and because there are so many parts, its impracticable to list every item covered.

The set comprising of laser-cut Perspex components and acid etched Brass and Nickel Silver components contains over 500 precision made items.  

Every part is pre-shaped with a high degree of accuracy ensuring a perfect fit throughout the model.  

Many items, such as the flying bridge windscreen frame, are made from acid etched brass to give them the inherent strength that such a delicate item needs on a model of this size.  The Trim tabs are made this way but from heavy gauge brass enabling them to be used as the basis for working tabs.

All the air intake and exhaust vents, brackets, plates, mast brackets and plates, flying bridge instruments and displays are included.

The glazing for the flying bridge windows is included in the set as are all the Perspex covers for the instruments and display screens on the Flying Bridge, all pre-cut exactly to shape.

Included with the detail set is a CD containing over 200 reference shots of Trent 14-14.

list every item covered.