Landign Craft Mechanicals 3 & 6


During the second world Landing Craft played a vital role and it has been said that they were the ships that won the war.

There were certainly a lot of them and there were many different types too, each designed to carry a wide range of loads.
The LCM3 (Landing Craft Mechanised)was designed to carry a thirty ton load from ship to shore. It even managed to carry a Sherman tank.
Later in the War, in the Pacific arena, the US need a landing craft capable of carrying the latest, much heavier Sherman tanks and so, by simply extending the rear of the loading bay of the LCM3 by six feet the LCM6 was born.

We make a kit of both types and they are identical in construction except that bulkhead 8 in the LCM3 is replaced by bulkheads 8A and 8B in the LCM6 and all the panels making up the sides of the loading bay and the deck have been correspondingly lengthened. That is the limit of the differences between the two kits.

The models are ideally suited for use with 1/16 radio controlled Sherman tanks and halftracks currently available. Working on the LCM6 kit prompted some redesign work on the winch system and the motor mount which whilst very nice was very expensive! Access to the winch servo was also poor and the Graupner speed 500's needed were getting difficult to get and they were getting more expensive too. Other parts of the kit have been redesigned to enable lower production costs to be taken advantage of and all these cost savings have been passed onto you, the customer.

There are some pictures of an LCM3 hull being converted to a Vietnam War River Mine sweeper in the Workshop section.


m3sherman gunnars deck stern

All these are now included in the kit so apart from fitting your radio, there is nothing more to buy!
The kit price has gone up by only £20 leaving you with an overall saving of around £70!
I hope you agree, a good thing to do.
A total saving of around £100.

LCM mount back view LCM mount front view

The motor and winch mount is a fabrication made from 3mm thick acrylic. This makes it strong and totally water resistant.The mount carries both motors at the correct distance apart and at the correct angle.
Mounted between the motors is the sail winch.
You will notice that the motors are rear mounted.
The couplings to connect the motors to the propshafts are supplied and one is shown fitted in the photograph.

LCM Alignment tool

Included in the kit is a propshaft alignment tool which when fixed in place as shown ensure the shafts are parallel and are mounted at the correct angle.
As you see from the photograph, the alignment too sits in the tunnels and keeps the end of the shafts in the correct distance from the hull bottom.


To remove the whole assembly just four mounting screws are removed and the assembly lifts out as shown to the left, sliding off the coupling splines.

The rest of the Kit

Price is £420

A specially commissioned set of three figures are available at £36 plus £3 postage (if ordered separately).