Pilot Boat - REVISED!

Pilot Boat

The Pilot boat is a re-release of the original HFM kit, brought up to date a little.

It has an overall length of 600mm and is a great fun boat.

She is very controllable, goes like the clappers when you feel the need for speed and is very accurate to sail.
She makes a great steering course boat as well.It's the sort of kit you can customise to your heart's content and nobody can say its wrong because there are so many different versions of it.

The Kit contains:

pilot motor

I run mine on a 7.2V using a little (and cheap)
outrunner from Hobby King as shown in the photo.

All you need to supply is the paint, glue, radio equipment speed controller and batteries.
A lot of pleasure to build and a lot more to follow on the lake.


plus £12 post and packing.

Model in the photo built by Alan Izzard.


A real one for inspiration