Deep Dive 7

Deep Dive 7

After many years out of production the 'DEEP-DIVE'
is once more available.

Called the DEEP DIVE 7 this new version has more up to date decals and some small detail changes from the original otherwise it is just as it was. It still of course has the same great performance.
The Deep Dive 7 is a dynamic diving model submarine, styled on a research vessel. It is a very effective performer. Its wing like shape gives it a very stable underwater performance and being a dynamic diver it won't sink!
Made from bright yellow vac formed plastic the kit is simple to build (being mostly screwed together).
Everything you need to build the kit is included in the box.

A Happy Man

A lot of reliable fun for just,


plus £12 post and packing.

Here's one in action, courtsy of Andrew Cope of the Buxton Model Boat Club.