1/24 Bluebird K7

Following his famous father into the ‘business’ of setting ever higher speed records on both land and water, Donald Campbell became the most famous record breaker of the 20th century.

On 17 July 1964, he set a land speed record of 403.10 mph (648.73 km/h)  in Bluebird CN7.

On the last day of 1964 Donald set a new Water Speed Record on Lake Dumbleyung near Perth, Western Australia, at a speed of 276.33 mph (444.71 km/h) making him the first, and so far only, person to set both land and water speed records in the same year.


Sir Malcom Campbell had called all his record cars and boats ‘Bluebird’ and this tradition Donald carried on with the jet powered hydroplane ‘Bluebird K7’, and the jet powered, wheel driven car ‘Bluebird CN7’



Designed as a simple, static model, hundreds have been sold around the world with the majority being built as electric powered, radio controlled models.

Some are truly ‘fast electrics’.  Any record breaking version of K7 can be built from this kit.


Currently I am building a new one for demonstration purposes with a brushless out-runner electric motor which will soon be featured on these pages.


The one alongside  was built by Chris Scott and looks and goes really well.

Dave Abbot reviewed the kit for Model Boats magazine a few years ago.  You can read the review by clicking on the link below.  
The model has captured K7 very well and even though its a simple kit, it has got great appeal.
Bluebird K7 on Coniston Water, January 4th,  1967
1/24th scale Bluebird K7 1955-1967  
We have it on You Tube as well